Originally published February 26, 2015

Good. God. It’s been a while. I think mostly because I’ve been ranting on Facebook instead of the blog. Suppose I should stop doing that. This is where I rant. I mean, hell, that’s what’s expected of the blog, amirite?!


So many many things have been happening in Becky-land recently.


First, big changes at work. So endeth the most stressful two years of my life. Now I’m able to actually do my job without the constant anxiety that weighed on my chest and raised my blood pressure every time I walked into the building. Pleasant side effect, coupled with much praise for how much more confident and happy and AWESOME I am at my job now, has officially gotten me back to LOVING my job. I’ll take it.

Don’t remember if I mentioned it, but we finally moved out of the in-laws basement and into our very own house. I cannot stress how amazing this has been for us. We’ve finally accomplished a major life goal and taken a huge step in providing a stable, normal life for the kids! Yay grown-up things! That was June 2014, so we’re pretty settled at this point.

Two dogs. Yep. Two female Siberian Huskies entered our lives since we moved into the new house.

Sadie joined us in August, and it took a while to get her to be affectionate toward us (not sure what was going on in the first 7 weeks of her life, but she did a lot of hiding when we got her – which is atypical of the breed). Charlie joined us in January, and she was filthy and malnourished with a slight case of fleas. We were told she was 12 weeks old, but she was closer to 8 (by the vet’s estimation). Both girls are doing great now and have filled our house with even more joy.

I decided to actually use my Elance account and try to pick up some extra work. My newfound confidence that I am actually good at what I do helped with that. Maybe I’ll finish that novel and start the new play that’s been bouncing around my brain…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. (Like, maybe I can convince Ryan to do the same thing…)

The boys are both in school.

Ethan is testing at a 3rd grade level (in 1st grade), so we’re dealing with some behavior issues in school (because he’s bored), but open communication with his teacher (and a stash of chapter books) is helping a lot.

Logan is going to face the same issues, but he’s enjoying Kindergarten and he has a fantastic teacher.

Of course if Logan could keep his hands out of his pants, that would make things even better.

(Seriously, kid, it isn’t going anywhere.)

Did a play in the Fall, which was great fun. Was hoping to exercise my musical theatre skills (and break away from the heavy dramas), but – alas – was not cast.

Shake it off and move on, I guess. It was the only show I wanted to do this year, so I’m giving the stage a break for the rest of the season, though I will be directing a bit at the end of the year.

I am going to be doing some serious soul searching about how I need to be spending my free time moving forward.

Finally, while we have a lot of house projects to do, we’re in a good place financially and think we’re ready to take some steps on the family front. More on this later.

It feels good to be writing again. Let’s see how long this lasts.

Family photos by Jamie & Kelley Photography

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