Originally published November 21, 2011

I’m a newbie! Yes, this is me. I know, too adorable for words. Just read the blog.

Ok, so a few days ago, I joined the Twitter. I’m calling it “the Twitter”, rather than just “Twitter” because I feel like an old curmudgeon-y woman when I try to use it. These newfangled tweets are beyond me. Plus…it’s like Facebook, only it’s just the status updates…which is kind of boring.

It makes you follow people when you first sign up. So…not having any idea who is even on the Twitter…other than celebrities…I did the most logical thing my completely lame self could think of. I searched for all the Buffy people – and I JUST realized I need to add Tom Lenk!!!! How could I forget Andrew?! I digress. After finding enough of them, it made me add MORE. So then I was just searching for all the famous people I could think of. I ran across several Grey’s Anatomy cast members, so I added them. And let me just say – Kate Walsh, you do not need to update the Twitter every 5 seconds. Holy God. Nobody is that interesting. Trust me.

Anyway, so after it made me add 650,000 people, I finally got to do my first tweet.

Yup, so that happened.

Actually, the most exciting part was when I saw that I actually had a follower! I was fully expecting it to be a family member or friend, but it was someone totally new. And she’s either an amateur porn star or just really likes cats. Either way…I’m pretty much famous now. Just look at the kind of people who follow me! Totally famous.

I actually only joined the Twitter because I wanted to follow my favorite blogging women. I found Linda from All & Sundry – who I’m totally in love with in a heterosexual way because she’s unbelievably funny, and raw, and honest. Then I spent 1/2 an hour reading her tweets trying to find one I could RT (that means RETWEET and YES I felt like I needed to explain it to all of you. Shush.). Anyway I found one, retweeted it, and spent the next hour wondering if this totally famous untouchable blogger that I’m platonically in love with would notice me. Yes, I’m that girl. I’ve made my lameness no secret, so you don’t get to be surprised.

*Edit: She didn’t. I’m not surprised. I’ve mentioned being kind of lame, and that’s ok.*

So I guess the bottom line is that I’ve joined the Twitter. I’m not sure about it yet, but I do have a few people worth following on my…feed?

#totallyfamous #kindalame #meh

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