Originally published November 29, 2011

These may or may not be in my chili. I’m not telling because you’ll steal my secret. 🙂

Do not rub your nose or eyes after dealing with chipotle peppers. Oh. My. God.

On a side note, I did just make my world famous chili. And by world famous I mean only my family knows about it. But, I have every intention of entering this stuff in next years chili cookoff. (No offense, Hutch, but y’all did not deliver the goods this year.) It is so good, you have no idea. Well, obviously you don’t, because nobody comes to our house for dinner. Sucks to be you. 🙂

So, I have been stewing over this for a while (see what I did there? Stewing. Because I’m making chili…and it has to….never mind, it wasn’t that funny), and I just…I just don’t understand this aspect of our nature. You see, there are a few hot button issues that will always bring out an extreme polarity of opinion for most of us. Specifically with mothers. There’s abortion, circumcision, birth choice (natural v. c-section), breastfeeding, vaccination, etc. What I have found, in most cases, is that one side is generally always more understanding of everyone’s choices than the other side.

For example: Pro-choice advocates are usually pretty ok with whatever your choice was while pro-life advocates tend to go apeshit over the very idea of abortion for any reason at all. Those who have circumcised their boys are usually pretty chill with uncircumcised boys, because they don’t really care what another mother chooses to do with her son’s penis (as far as that goes), while intactivists (did I make that word up?) pretty much go off the freaking deep end with their judgment of mothers who chose to circumcise. Some women are pretty much convinced that formula is poison and should only be available by prescription (these are the same women who tend to whip out their boob for the world to see and make a big exhibition about breastfeeding their child), while the formula feeders are usually like, “Hey, do whatever you want. As long as the kid gets fed, that’s the important thing.”

And let’s just get all this out in the open real quick before we get all judgy about me:

*I’m pro-choice. I’ll explain why if you really want me to, but basically it boils down to gray areas. As long as they exist, you have to allow the choice. In my opinion.

*My boys are circumcised because, after discussing it with our pediatrician at the time, we decided that was the right decision for our family. I don’t really want your opinion. They were not tied down with barbed wire while the sadistic doctors ripped off the foreskin with their teeth. It was a surgical procedure, they were numb, and they didn’t fuss once after the procedure. At all. And I’m very sorry, boys, to embarrass you like this. Hopefully you won’t read this when you’re teenagers.

*I breastfed Ethan until I literally ran out of milk. It was about 4 months. Nothing I did got my supply to come back, so I turned to formula to ensure my child ate. It was heartbreaking, but he is perfectly healthy. I breastfed Logan for 7 months, and then I became positive that the kid was never going to learn to do anything because all he ever wanted to do was nurse. We switched to formula, and he’s perfectly healthy. It was not heartbreaking, I was sick of nursing every 5 minutes. I will breastfeed future child(ren)? as well, God willing, but if I feel like turning to formula, I will. My only note to you EBFers is this: I respect your right to breastfeed anywhere you want. Please respect my right to not have to look at your nipples. They make covers for a reason, and your baby is far too preoccupied to care if there’s a thin sheet over his/her head.

*I wanted to give birth naturally. But, my boys were hell-bent on dying unless we got them out right the hell now, so I didn’t get a choice. VBAC is no longer an option since they filleted my uterus with Logan. You’re welcome. It’s a lovely visual. Honestly, I don’t care how you give birth as long as the baby is full term when you make your choice. There’s nothing wrong with waiting until it happens, and there’s nothing wrong with scheduling it so it’s convenient for you. As long as you get a healthy baby in the end, do whatever floats your boat. But c-sections suck to recover from…so consider that.

*I vaccinate. People that don’t are idiots, unless they have a medical reason for it. That’s my opinion, based on the facts surrounding the issue. Viruses = bad. Vaccinations = killing the bad viruses so they don’t infect everyone. It’s pretty basic. If our bodies could fight off the viruses, they would do it. But they can’t, which is why lots of people used to die from them and they don’t anymore. Basic stuff here, guys. And I’ve done the research on the issue, so spare me your “vaccinations are made from aborted fetus tissue and toxic chemicals” stuff. I don’t care. Thank you, aborted fetuses and toxic chemicals, for making my kids healthier. (Too far?)

Seriously though, why is it that one group is more tolerant than the other – and why is it usually the group that is supporting the “less preferable” thing? I mean aside from the non-vaxers, because they’re idiots. #SorryNotSorry

My initial thoughts are that the less tolerant group tends to be the one that is dealing with the more emotional end of the subject, and the more tolerant group is dealing with the scientific side (except for with vaccinations. I need to make that perfectly clear).

I don’t know though. I’d love to hear some thoughts on this. If you are part of the “other” group, do you feel like you’re less tolerant of other’s decisions? Or am I just spending too much time on the interwebs, where drama runs rampant?

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