I just wanted to take a moment.

I want to say that I am not blind to the fact that the last post I wrote before today’s was not totally in-keeping with today’s message. My belief that parents should parent their children, however, is not contradictory to my belief that we should work harder to support one another instead of attacking one another.
To be honest, there have been days that I have changed my mind about a thing within hours of posting a blog about it. That’s the beauty of it, I think. Inciting discussion, learning new perspectives, looking at things from new angles.
I hope that, as I share my thoughts and fears and frustrations, those who read them will be understanding of the fact that I, too, am working to grow so I can be a better person every day. I know I have room to improve as a parent, as a person, as a friend, as a wife. If it accomplishes nothing else, I think this blog will serve to document that process.

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