Hey friends! So, I’m not dead. I just lost every ounce of my motivation a few months ago, and that’s just one of the many fun symptoms of depression I deal with. I have a very comprehensive post about my reaction to Season 2 of Thirteen Reasons Why coming up, though, even though it’s so far removed from “timely” at this point I wonder why I’m bothering. But…you know…look forward to that.

Quick update before I launch into my latest diatribe (next post). I was fired in May. I spent all summer looking for jobs, becoming increasingly confident that my qualifications mean nothing (Master’s degree, schMaster’s degree and who cares if you’ve increased attendance/conversions/engagement everywhere you’ve worked because you’ve gotten fired TWICE you lazy, worthless piece of shit!) Now I bag groceries part-time at a very popular chain store that I’ve worked at before (in larger roles) and I’m not even deemed qualified enough to be a manager, but I DO get lectured on how long I take to clean the bathrooms (funny how it takes longer when you actually do it) and receive condescending remarks about how quickly I figure things out. Take what you can get, amirite?

I really wish bankruptcy would eliminate your student loans.


I also co-host a podcast. I’m trying very hard to get my shit together editing-wise so we can release our weekly episodes…weekly…as well as start a Patreon and design merch and all that other shit that actually makes money. And also trying very hard not to become so discouraged about the fact that (almost) no one I know seems to want to listen to it, or share it, or any of that that I just say “fuck it, I’m not good at this either” and just quit. GOD DAMN DEPRESSION IS SO MUCH FUN.

I’m launching another podcast very soon. Link is below. Stay tuned.

Still trying to do the voice acting thing. I’ve done a bunch of free stuff for a radio station in Australia, I got cast in an audio book that got cancelled because so many of the other actors who were cast just like…never recorded their lines (thanks, assholes), I got PAID to record audio for an informational video that I’ll link to if it actually gets published and I can find it, and I’m starting to work with an agency to try to do this acting thing professionally.

My hair has gone from reddish to pink to purple and is now very dark brown for the foreseeable future.

So, like, there’s a lot going on.

Oh, and my eldest son is being bullied at school. Like actually bullied. So I’m trying to deal with that and I haven’t burned the school down or called the newspapers yet but I’m close. I’m sure there’s a blog coming about that but I can’t even right now.

Here are links to the podcasts. If you check them out, awesome! Consider following on all the social media things, and drop an iTunes review because that helps.



Annnnnnnd on with the show.

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