Re: Injecting Disinfectant…but like…sarcastically

An adult knows when it is appropriate to joke.
An adult knows when it is appropriate to be sarcastic.
An adult knows to act professionally while on the clock.
An adult knows when to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll ask someone who does,” and then to ask someone who actually does know so they can give the correct answer.
Not all adults are leaders. We expect a lot more from leaders.
Or we used to.
Leaders are role models. For better or worse, they are who we look to for how to behave, what choices to make.
Some are better leaders than others, but all leaders should, at the very least, act like adults.
I have not seen one minute of this Presidency where Trump has even acted as an adult. He has never acted as a leader. He has, not once, demonstrated any of the traits I listed above. Not publicly. Not on Twitter, or at press conferences, or in interviews. His public persona, which is all we see, is adolescent-level, say-whatever-crosses-your-mind-without-thinking immaturity, and supporters eat it up because “He says what he means,” (except in this case when he’s being sarcastic, I guess).
But his position of leadership makes him a role-model.
And when he stands in front of the country lying – intentionally or otherwise (because when you make a statement about something that is untrue, you are lying), he is insulting us all, and he is making us all look like idiots.
Sarcasm is inherently a lie, told jokingly so that the listener(s) know(s) immediately that it isn’t true.
An adult would know not to use sarcasm when addressing the nation about a deadly pandemic.
But the Leader of the Free World, our Commander in Chief, the President of the United States of America, now claims that a statement he never should have made in the first place, because it was AT BEST misinformed (which means you don’t say it in a press conference when you’re the President) and AT WORSE (but far more likely) idiotic (which is worrisome coming from the person we’re hoping will keep us all alive through the decisions he makes), THAT HE WAS BEING SARCASTIC.
He is literally telling you, “I was jokingly lying about injecting disinfectant into dying patients because I thought it would be a funny thing to say about treating people who are dying from a disease we have no idea how to treat or fix or prevent.”
And you are defending him for doing it.
Shame on you.
Take a step back, and ask yourself if you would accept that from anyone else in your life. Your spouse? Your boss? Your parents?
Then why the hell will you accept, nay, DEFEND it coming from the goddamned President of the United States of America? It only encourages him to keep treating you like idiots.
You should be offended by how stupid this man thinks you are, that he believes you’ll let him get away with literally saying and doing whatever he wants. You should expect better from him. He works for YOU, not the other way around. He was elected to lead us and if you put your tow-the-party-line-at-all-costs mindset away for two seconds you would see that he is not performing the job he was hired to do. He needs firing. If he was working in YOUR office instead of the Oval Office, you’d have canned him years ago.
Shit, I’m not saying Republicans should all turn tail and vote for Biden, although you HAVE to admit that even the “status quo” he’ll probably give us will be better than this, because he’s not a complete moron. But you don’t HAVE to go with the incumbent. Y’all could demand a better candidate. Own up to the fact that Trump was a huge mistake and learn from it.
Like adults.

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