Update: 2.0(20)



Been a while.

So obviously that review of 13 Reasons Why never happened. I did write a bunch of notes, but I just couldn’t piece it together the way I wanted and after enough time passed it kind of seemed pointless to go back to it.

I never watched Season Three. I figured it would be even worse than Season Two so I didn’t bother. That should give you an idea of the tone of my review.

I have a lot of trouble finding motivation. I also have a deep-seated NEED to create things, and when I can’t find the motivation to do so, it makes everything in my brain worse.

If I find the motivation, but I lack the time, it’s equally awful, because the motivation won’t stick around forever.

Sometimes I’m able to “make myself” create to try to make the motivation appear, and those creations seem (to me) obviously more forced than the ones than their truer counterparts.

What this all boils down to is that I have a self-sabotaging mental illness that I live with every day, and most people don’t even realize what’s going on in my head. Which is, of course, what I strive for at work and with my friends. My family knows the truth. They don’t really understand it, but they accept it.

I think I’ve finally found a groove, though. Usually as soon as I say that, I lose it. So take it with the expectation that I’ll disappear again for a while. I hope I don’t, but failure is what I’ve come to expect from myself. So we’ll see.

Thanks for sticking with me through the journey. If you like what you’ve read here over the years, consider checking out some of my other endeavors.

Podcast: drunkthepod.com

YouTube: youtube.com/channel/UCazSs8ADnk4PsRv2E6h2m3w   (If I 100 subscribers, I’ll get to make that URL less stupid looking, so that’s my goal for now.)

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