Here to Help. Wanna Live.

When you go shopping, please understand that the grocery workers you see wearing masks aren’t any more used to wearing them than you are, but you wear them for an hour to shop. We wear the same mask for eight to ten hours.
We make mistakes and crave that deep breath you can’t quite get with it on JUST as much as you do, but we’re onstage so you expect us to perform perfectly.
We can’t. We’re humans too. None of us are doctors or nurses, so we haven’t had years of training to keep us from messing with our masks and sanitizing our hands every time we scratch our noses.
Just like you haven’t.
And some of our workers are special needs and don’t realize that the things they think are funny or not a big deal (coughing with their masks off) are actually a VERY BIG DEAL. They don’t grasp the severity of the situation because they can’t.
Hell, who honestly can? We’re in the middle of an apocalypse. Who was prepared for that?
So please be understanding of our human flaws. Believe me, we’re developing better habits every day, we’re just not nurses yet.
And we are here to help you.

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