This is a political rant.

If you aren’t interested in knowing what a soon-to-be 35 year old liberal theatre kid with a Master’s in Journalism & Mass Communications she’s barely used since 2015 who currently manages the front end of a grocery store thinks about the current political climate, feel free to not read this. I won’t be offended.

If you choose to continue reading, your emotional response is entirely your responsibility to handle. On your own. You knew what you were getting into, and you don’t get to act like I offended you.

You are choosing to read this.

You were warned.

No, seriously. You have an out. You don’t have to read this if you think we’ll disagree politically. If you’re reading it hoping to become enraged, you don’t get to take it out on me. You have to own that.

Last chance. Turn back.

Ok. Whatever. I’m not your mom. Go ahead.

Does anyone ever stop to marvel at the cult-like loyalty of Trump supporters? Like…we joke about it, but there is literally nothing that man could do that would turn some of them. And that is actually pretty damn scary.

I loved Obama. Don’t get me wrong. But if it turned out that man was actually running a child pornography ring, it would sour my opinion on everything he’s ever done and I would want him jailed right the hell now.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that there are a terrifyingly large, very vocal, very out-and-proud of it faction of Trump supporters that would protest vehemently if there was tangible proof Trump was raping babies.

And you know I’m right.

The hypocrisy is un-fucking-believable.

They will explain away anything this man does, tell you he’s the greatest President who’s ever lived, and chastise you for having an issue with baby-rape.

“All politicians rape a baby or two. That’s just locker room talk. Snowflakes.”

The latest hubbub from the liberal left who still think anyone is surprised by anything Trump does is that DID YOU HEAR? TRUMP WENT GOLFING AFTER REOPENING THE COUNTRY!!!! OMGWTFBBQ AMIRITE?!‽

This man managed to convince the country that we shouldn’t worry about an incredibly deadly virus if we got bored with it. He took babies from their families and put them in cages. We’re way beyond giving a shit about how much he golfs, guys. Get a new schtick.

Trump isn’t even accountable for the things he’s literally said. Again, we joke, but there is literally a tweet showing his hypocrisy on every. damn. thing.

Actual real thing he said. On Twitter. It’s literally public record.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, criticized Barack H. Obama, 44th President of the United States of America, for playing golf while dealing with a POTENTIAL pandemic.

If we treat those two things as though they were equal, then Trump – according to HIMSELF – should not have gone golfing during a pandemic.

That’s a fair statement, and if you disagree, you are a hypocrite.

And yet, he golfed.

And what’s more, this is not an apples to apples comparison. Apples to pears, perhaps. They were both potentially deadly viral outbreaks.


The 2014 Ebola outbreak resulted in 11 infections and 2 deaths in the USA. Total. Even if you blame Obama’s response for the results across the entire world in 2014 (which, assuming you’re sane, you would not do), it resulted in 28,652 suspected cases,  15,261 confirmed cases, and 11,325 deaths. Total. Worldwide. In a year.

Comparatively – and we’ll only attribute America’s confirmed numbers to Trump, just to be fair – there have been 1,637,456 confirmed cases and 97,669 deaths in the USA as of 5:04pm MST on May 25, 2020.

^^^That’s using the CDC numbers, which are lower than Wikipedia’s. Again. To be fair to Trump.

And here’s my screenshot for proof.

Oh shit, my phone’s about dead…

Ok. Back.

Plugged in. See?


Our first reported case in the USA was (and again, I’m using the earliest possible date I can find, to be fair) January 15, 2020. That’s when the first confirmed case arrived in he country. Just in the US, that’s 97,669 deaths from a viral outbreak in the US in 131 days for Trump compared to 11,325 deaths from viral outbreak in the whole entire world for Obama in 365 days. Even if no one else in the US dies from COVID-19 for the REST OF THE YEAR, that’s 860% more deaths for Trump.

Which means, according to Trump, Trump shouldn’t have been golfing.

But his supporters don’t care. It wasn’t ok for Obama, but it’s ok for Trump.

Trump isn’t held to Obama’s standard. He isn’t held to any standard, in fact. If some stranger on the street said half the stupid bullshit that falls out of Trump’s filterless food hole, you would tell everyone you knew about the crazy asshole you just saw muttering to his collection of dolls under the bridge.

You wouldn’t make him President.

But here we are.

And it’s not just one thing. Or ten things. There are social media channels set up specifically to display Trump’s hypocritical tweet history on ANY GIVEN SUBJECT, because there’s a WORLDWIDE running joke on the fact that there is ALWAYS a tweet from Trump condemning someone in the past for doing exactly what he’s doing today.

And in spite of any evidence they’re shown, Trump supporters will deny anything is wrong with their beloved leader.

It’s mind-blowing. Truly.

And scary.

Because this man is the most powerful man on the planet. He could literally start WWIII by releasing the wrong information in a tweet – and that is ABSOLUTELY the kind of mind-blowingly stupid thing this man might do. We all know it’s true! Even the cultists! Do we expect him to? No. We hope his minders are damn good at their jobs and keep him preoccupied with shiny things so he doesn’t do it.

But if he did, no one would be surprised. And a very large number of people would defend him for it.

There is something deeply wrong here.

This is a dangerous precedent to set.

And it will bite us all in the end.

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One thought on “Unreality

  1. I don’t disagree with your logic sugar but the way to change the minds of the mindless is to show them a better way. I see a parallel with such leaders as Hitler, Mussolini, The Aotolla Humeini etc. The masses blindly follow such guarantors. During the epoc if Hitler there were many who knew better but were silenced in fear by the bullies. Trump is an idiot with some correct ideas but has fallen in love with himself. Our weapon is time and common sense. Vehemence will only arouse mindless opposition. Calm logic will prevail but only with the uttmost patience abd civility. Jesus and Mohatma Ghandi did not overcome the enemy with the sword but with love. Unfortunately the opponents of President Trump are no better than him intellectually. Idiots do not ignore him but idiots can’t be cured, only redirected. We can only impact a small part of the world individually since we (you and I) are not realistically in a position to do otherwise. So we should look to other reasonable people with identical, and more importantly, different views and discuss, debate and, more importantly, listen. What is the goal? Live in a bubble or live recklessly? There has to be a common ground. Both cannot be the only way. Forget tirades against Trump. It serves no fruitful purpose. Concentrate on what you can impact with friends, associates and family.


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