Protect and Serve

If your response to seeing outrage over a police officer murdering someone is “better not call the cops the next time you need help!”, you are missing the entire point.

The job of a police officer is to protect and serve.


And serve.

Nowhere does it say they are above the laws they have agreed to uphold. Nowhere does it say we, the citizens they serve, must accept brutality or abuse of power from them.

Nowhere does it say that if we take issue with the way they operate, we must sacrifice our right to have them protect and serve us.

If you are not outraged at a police officer murdering an unarmed, already subdued and handcuffed, HUMAN BEING, you should be.

Watch again.

This video shows the murder of a human being by a police officer. Viewer discretion is advised.

Imagine that man is your son. Your brother. Your friend. Because he is someone’s son. Someone’s brother. Someone’s friend.

If you are not outraged at the idea that it is so widely accepted that the police are known for killing African Americans during routine confrontations that a white woman knew she was weaponizing the police force by FALSELY claiming she was being threatened by a black man, with the clear intent of either scaring him into leaving her alone or getting him killed if he didn’t, YOU SHOULD BE.


Central Park Karen

This woman was trying to get a man killed because he dared ask her to follow the rules and put her dog on a leash.

Never mind the fact that she’s basically strangling her dog the entire time. That’s awful, but not nearly as awful as trying to get a man killed and using those who are supposed to protect and serve to do it.

And that is the point. That we all recognize the systemic issue putting minority lives at risk from those we are supposed to trust with our protection, but nothing is being done to fix the problem.

Because we can’t fix the problem with sensitivity training and body cams. The type of people who sign up to be police officers who could do this to another human being cannot be trained out of that.

We can’t solve the problem without attacking the root of the issue: stopping those types of people from being hired into those positions.

I don’t know what the hiring process is for police officers, but I’d like to see a psychological evaluation by an independent agency and a thorough search of social media postings to be part of it. Because if someone is a racist online – or appears to sympathize with spousal abuse, or animal cruelty, or white supremacists, or any other type of behavior NO ONE WANTS TO SEE IN A COP – that’s how they are in real life, too. And that’s not the kind of person you want protecting and serving.

We should all demand better from those we trust to protect us.

But until then, until we can cut out the problem at the root, we all need to speak out – LOUDLY, IN PERSON – when we see injustice. When we hear racist comments. When we see anyone being treated unfairly.

And we need to start yesterday.

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