About Me

Hey. Wow. You actually came to this page. That’s kind of neat. Hope I live up to whatever expectations you came here with.

Three requests:
1.) If you like a blog post…could you click the “like” button?
2.) If you enjoy the blog, please follow me! You can follow me here, and I’m on the Twitter @captnoptimist (someone took the better handle a long time ago but never uses it, and my social anxiety has, thus far, kept me from asking her to let me have it).
3.) Also, if you like a blog, please share it. Then everyone you know will see this cool thing you liked and they might like it, too.

Great, that’s out of the way now.

So…I’m Becky. I’m quirky, a little (read: a lot) nerdy, I have opinions (you may have noticed), and I’m all-around a pretty awesome person. I mean, I think so anyway. Not that I’m narcissistic, because I’m not. I just…I think it should be ok for a person to think they’re awesome without being judged for it. Stop judging me.

Sorry, got off track. I do that. I ramble as well. Deal with it. You came to ME, remember? Anyway…let’s see…about me…

I am a mom. Thus far I have two children (boys), though we hope to add a third at some point. They’re the most spectacular kids, and they’re honestly my whole world.

I’m married. He’s a pretty cool guy. He’s also a nerd. 1 nerd + 1 nerd = a family of nerds. It’s unavoidable. We have two dogs (Siberian Huskies. Girls.) I have a Master’s Degree in JMC and a BA in Theatre Arts but I still don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up.

Joss Whedon has yet to create a show I don’t like. I’m a BTVS fanatic, but I’m also a Doctor Who and Sherlock fanatic, so clearly Steven Moffatt can do no wrong either. I collect cows and music boxes.

More than anything, I’m human. I’m a fallible human being whose life is anything but perfect, but I love it anyway.

Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Any and all opinions here are mine and mine alone, they do not reflect the opinions of my friends, relatives, affiliated schools, employers, or other. 

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