Protect and Serve

If your response to seeing outrage over a police officer murdering someone is “better not call the cops the next time you need help!”, you are missing the entire point. The job of a police officer is to protect and serve. Protect. And serve. Nowhere does it say they are above the laws they have … More Protect and Serve


This is a political rant. If you aren’t interested in knowing what a soon-to-be 35 year old liberal theatre kid with a Master’s in Journalism & Mass Communications she’s barely used since 2015 who currently manages the front end of a grocery store thinks about the current political climate, feel free to not read this. … More Unreality

Dear Democrats: We need to stick together

Alright, fellow Democrats. I’m gonna level with you, and I should have done this a while ago. I don’t care which Democratic candidate you support right now. I DO care that we are creating a culture of divisiveness in our own party and sabotaging our success before the primaries are even over. How, you ask? By tearing down the other candidate. … More Dear Democrats: We need to stick together